Travel Medicine

Empower provides Preventive Medical Services for travelers. Travel overseas or to developing countries may place a traveler at risk for illnesses that they would not encounter in the United States. Our experience in the military and in mission work gives us a unique first-hand knowledge of travel health matters.  

Certain countries also require immunization documentation for Yellow Fever to obtain visas or entry into the country if traveling from a Yellow Fever zone.

Travel Vaccines

    Yellow fever
    • We are a officially designated yellow fever clinic.
      • Designated by the Florida Department of Health and listed by the CDC.
    • We provide the necessary yellow fever documentation.
    • The yellow fever vaccine is not considered valid until 10 days after immunization.

    Other travel vaccines
    • Travelers to developing countries are encouraged to get vaccinations for typhoid and hepatitis A.
    • Depending on your destination, season of travel, and CDC guidance based on local outbreaks, other vaccines may be recommended.

    Routine immunizations
    • Travelers should be up to date on their routine vaccinations. If needed we can provide these vaccines as well.

    Malaria prophylaxis
    • Depending on travel destination prophylactic medication against malaria may be recommended.
    • One of several prescription medication can be provided depending on local resistance factors and the individual’s health history and travel itinerary.
    • Mosquito and insect protection are also important and details about this are provided as well.

Group Travel and Mission Group

Dr. McCormick and his family have been involved in medical mission trips to Central America and Africa for over ten years. He is aware of the unique issues faced by those taking on such mission work.

We specialize in providing services to such groups. As an added feature, we can come onsite to address group needs. Please call us at (904) 367-4005 for more information.