Weight Loss

Empower Preventive Medicine, P.A. is a unique medical specialty clinic dedicated to providing quality and compassionate medical care to help patients achieve successful long term health improvement, addressing weight management as cornerstone of our care.


At Empower Medical Weight Loss we understand that weight problems are not simply a matter of lack of willpower, exercise, or being lazy.

We recognize the many factors that contribute to weight gain and understand how weight impacts one's health and well-being. We know how difficult it is to lose weight.

Most diets will work temporarily but there is a greater opportunity for long term success if metabolic, hormonal, and behavioral issues are addressed. Tailoring the diet and timing is critical and can’t be done with packaged meal replacements and standardized diets.

Symptoms due to food sensitivity are many and varied.  These symptoms are frequently vague and nonspecific. These include rashes, hives, abdominal discomfort, headaches, and many others.  Reactions to food can be immediate or delayed, sometimes showing up hours or days later.  Delayed reactions are more common and make it particularly difficult for the individual to identify culprit food.  We provide blood testing to identify specific food sensitivites, nutrition advice, and follow up care.  Our program helps patiens achieve an elimination of symptoms and overall sense of improved health.

At Empower Medical Weight Loss, we use a combination of a nutrition plan, exercise, education, motivation, medication if necessary and compassionate support to help you achieve your goals for successful long term weight loss. Our program is based on current medical science regarding obesity and weight loss.

Let us help Empower you to make the transformation to a new you!!